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Original UV Sterilizer Wand Germinator! "Purelight"

UV Sterilizer wand

Simply let the Purelight UV sterilizer wand shine wherever sterilization is desired!

Eliminates Germs including Bacteria, Virus, Fungus and Mold
No Chemicals and No Damage to Materials
Dust Mite Killer! Kills 99.9% of Dust Mites Within 30 Seconds.
Rechargeable and Wireless for All-around Sterilization.

Easy Control with LED DisplayIdeal for Carpet, Sofa, Baby Products, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room, Bathroom, Kindergarten, Hospital etc.
Child Protective Operation.

A single push of the switch does not turn the lamp on.
You need to push the switch twice very quickly to activate the UV lamp

Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Ultraviolet Sterilizer Photo Filter
1. Waveband Selective Irradiation
The filter blocks hazardous UV-A and UV-B and only emits germicidal wavelength.

2. No Ozone
Purelight does not emit the waveband that generates Ozone.

3. Improved Performance

The filter gets dust mites blind so they stay unrecognized to death

4. Enhanced Focusing
The filter helps focusing to enhance sterilization efficacy and protect users from exposure.

♦Purelight XD for Allergy & Asthma Relief at Home

1. Why Purelight XD (Ultraviolet Sterilizer Wand) is needed for allergy & asthma relief at home?

 1) The most common allergens that cause allergy and asthma symptoms at home are molds and    dust mites. These  two allergens  flourish and thrive on almost any surface at home, and once    become airborne the symptoms begin.
 2) Air purifiers can reduce allergy & asthma symptoms but they cannot reduce molds and
   dust mites which live on  surface such as  mattresses, carpet, drapes, sofa, wall, food storage,

   air conditioner and humidifier.
 3) Chemicals are used to reduce molds and dust mites on surface. But most people who are
   allergic to molds and  dust mites are  also sensitive to chemicals. Often uses of chemicals are
   also harmful for human/pets and toxic for  food, and may one day create  antibiotic-resistant    superbugs.
 4) Purelight XD is the most powerful and the cleanest dust mite killer to kill molds and dust mites on surface    without residuals.  Purelight XD(dust mite killer) kills  the allergens on any difficult cleaning surface such as    bedspread, curtains, sofa, wall, ceiling and  cavity.
 5) Respiratory illnesses such as cold and flu also cause allergy and asthma symptoms.
   Purelight XD kills viruses of  cold and flu on  surface such as door handle, switch, desk, phone,
   and droplets.
 6) Purelight XD also kills all germs including Superbugs, Flu and foodborne bacteria which are    dangerous or even  deadly when  infected at homes.
 7) Once you purchase Purelight XD, you can use it for 5 years with least maintenance expenses.

2. Where to use Purelight XD (UV wand) for allergy & asthma relief at home

 1) Killing Molds: Scanning Purelight XD slowly on any area where moisture or humidity is high such    as basements  (walls, floors,  carpeting or stored materials), bathroom (shower, tub, soap scrum    on wall and tile), laundry room,  kitchen (walls, pans), closet, deck,  behind furniture, humidifier,    air-conditioner, combustion heaters, windows, spills,  cavity, new wooden wall and flooded houses.
 2) Killing Dust mites: Scanning Purelight XD(dust mite killer) slowly on any area where pet and human dander
   (feed of dust mites) is  abundant such  as mattresses, box springs, pillows, carpets, curtains,    upholstered furniture, towels, clothes, stuffed  animal and pet surroundings.
 3) Killing Viruses of cold and flu: Shining Purelight XD on the high contact surfaces like door    handles, light switches,  phones,  keyboards, computer mouse, pens, remote controller, toilet
   flush handle/sink, desk, kitchen table and  sputum.
 4) Substitution of disinfecting/deodorizing chemicals: Scanning Purelight XD on bathroom,
   kitchen and pet  surroundings instead of  disinfectant or deodorizer. Purelight XD kills all the
   germs such as mold, bacteria and  viruses, and decomposes all odors without  residuals.
 5) Hanging Purelight XD on the wall in rooms during human absence reduces airborne mold
   spores and airborne  cold/flu viruses.

3. Unique features of Purelight XD among UV sterilizer wands

 1) Purelight XD is unique model in the market adopting safety filter.
    Our proprietary safety filter blocks hazardous UV-B lights between 280 and 320 nm, which     penetrate skin and may  make skin cancer.
    Our filter also blocks UV-C below 200 nm wavelength, which makes ozone harming
    human lung cell.
    Purelight XD only emits UV-C 254 nm germicidal wavelength, which does not penetrate inside of     skin and does not  make ozone.  Surface of human skin is dead cell and peeled off in 2 weeks.     Hence Purelight XD is safe for human.
 2) Purelight XD has a rechargeable battery inside of unit (Built-in). This makes it possible both of     portable operation  (plug-off) and long  time continuous operation in one place (plug-in).
 3) Our UV bulb has long length (12 inch), strong energy and longer life (8,000 hours).
 4) Purelight XD as the first UV sterilizer wand in the world has been in the market for more than 6 years.
    The  safety and  quality have been  already proved by customers.


♦ How Ultraviolet Rays works (Ultraviolet Sterilizer)

Ultraviolet Sterilizer Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Ultra-Violet C.
This is the wavelength used in ultraviolet sterilizers which kill harmful bacteria.
This wavelength can actually damage the structures of the DNA particles. The UV-C is commonly used in filters to assist in killing bacteria, fungus, parasites and algae.

 ♦ How to Use (Ultraviolet Sterilizer)

Ultraviolet Sterilizer
1. Sterilization takes 20 seconds. 2. Hold the Purelight approximately
8inches (20 cm) above the surface and
move side-to-side, stopping about
10 seconds before repeating.
3. Hang in your bathroom for one
hour when not in use.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer
4. Sterilize fruit for 20 seconds. 5. Sterilize toothbrushes, razors and other personal hygiene implements for
10 Seconds.

6. When your room has a musty smell leave your Purelight on for
2 hours to kill bacteria that cause bad odors.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer
7. Animal mattresses and doghouses have many germs that cause allergies. Sterilize for 20 seconds to kill these germs. 8. Sterilize your shoes once a week for
5 minutes to kill bacteria that cause
athlete's foot.

9. Computers, doorknobs, telephones, etc. aresterilized in
10 seconds.


 ♦ Use also UV Sterilizer Wand

UV Sterilizer wand


Model PureLight XD [Rechargeable]
Weight Body 1(lb), Adaptor 0.35(lb)
Lamp / LIfe 6W UV Germicidal Lamp / 8,000h
Size 20.9(L) X 3.15(W) X 2.36(H) (inches)
Adapter / Charger Input : 100V~240V / 50~60Hz, Out : 4.2V, 1.0A
Battery Hours MAX 60 minutes - Charging 3 hours

♦ Certificates

♦Test Report

Seoul Woman University


99.9% Sterilization for Super bactaria

99.9% Sterilization for E.coli..Etc


99.9% Sterilization for S.flexneri..Etc

99.9% Sterilization for S.aureus..Etc

Kitasato Research Center of Environmental Sciences
Leatherhead Food Reseach

99.9% Sterilization for V.parahaemolyticus..Etc

99.9% Sterilization for B.cereus..Etc